Vic Shao founds next energy venture after selling Green Charge to ENGIE

May 4, 2020 | Energy | Private

Vic Shao was the Founder of Green Charge Networks, which was acquired by ENGIE in May 2016.

Green Charge Networks, LLC is an energy storage company based in Santa Clara, California that goes by the name Green Charge.

Vic is now the Founder and Chairman of AMPLY Power.

AMPLY Power is providing charging services for commercial electric vehicle fleets. Its end-to-end, Charging-as-a-Service approach for fleet operators ensures each electric truck or bus is charged and ready for work each day, in exchange for a price-per-mile-driven fee.

In 2020, it secured $13.2 million in Series A funding from investors, including Soros Fund Management and Siemens. They are joined by existing seed round investors, including Congruent Ventures, PeopleFund, and Obvious Ventures.

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