Track Record’s Track Record #1 | 206% average share price increase for profiled companies, outperforms ASX All Ords by 175%

December 15, 2020 | Blog

Since 1 April 2020, Track Record has profiled 5 companies, which, on average, their share price has risen by 206%. The top 2 companies were Pointerra (ASX:3DP) at 2,150% (21x) and Botanix Pharmaceuticals at 200% (2x) as at 14 December 2020. This means the profiled companies outperformed the ASX All Ords by 175% since 1 April 2020.

Company NameExchangeTickerDate First ReportedDate First Reported Share PriceToday’s Share PriceShare Price % Change
PointerraASX3DP1 April 2020$0.024$0.542150%
Clean TeqASXCLQ16 April 2020$0.180$0.2644%
Botanix PharmaASXBOT2 May 2020$0.045$0.14211%
K2flyASXK2F24 Aug 2020$0.380$0.36-5%
IntelliHRASXIHR29 Sep 2020$0.230$0.3970%
Total Return206%
ASX All OrdsASXXAO1 April 2020$5,290.70$6,918.6031%
Track Record Outperformance175%

I expect the companies already profiled and those to come to realise their full potential over a 5-7 year timeframe. Therefore, the true value of the companies profiled by Track Record will be evident in the years to come, not just in last 9 months.

Where are the 5 profiled companies right now and what do I expect from them next year?

Pointerra (ASX:3DP)

Pointerra received investment from Bevan Slattery around the middle of the 2020 and performed above expectations (outlined in the company’s profile), which has resulted in an extraordinary result for shareholders. I expect another re-rate when the company launches their marketplace next year.

intelliHR (ASX:IHR)

Similarly, intelliHR was also invested in by Bevan Slattery and has had similar success, however, it is much earlier in its progression but with potential (for many and varied reasons which I’ve outlined in the company’s profile). If this company continues to grow quarter on quarter (continue its re-acceleration) I expect a massive share price re-rating.

K2fly (ASX:K2F)

Another SaaS company that I believe will have a very successful 2021 is K2fly, who have grown exponentially during 2020. The reasons why I believe they have built a solid base for continued growth is detailed in the company’s profile. This company currently has the lowest market capitalisation out of all companies profiled (AUD35m), so I expect similar performance to the other 2 SaaS companies that were profiled (Pointerra and K2fly) as it continues to grow next year.

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT)

There’s also Botanix Pharmaceuticals, which is a clinical stage biotechnology company that uses proprietary technology and a synthetic cannabinoid. It currently has 3 products in clinical trials including topical creams for acne and rosacea, and a product that leverages the antimicrobial properties of cannabinoids.Recently the company’s BTX 1801 product was proven effective at completely eliminating superbugs from human skin when used with a high dose of cannabidiol (CBD). I expect huge share price re-ratings if the trials across their 3 products are successful during 2021 (read more about comparable benchmarked acquisitions and market opportunities in the company’s profile).

Clean Teq (ASX:CLQ)

Lastly, Clean Teq, a mining company that is being built by and continuously invested in by the best mining financier in the world is expected to have a breakout 2021. The company has world-class technology and resources required for industry 4.0 (for example, the resource contains the world’s largest and highest grade rare-earth mineral called Scandium (you can read more about how the USD20bn asset makes aluminium lighter and stronger in the company profile). Now that the world is returning to some level of normality (with the vaccine looking promising) automotive, space and airline companies will be scrambling to secure sustainably sourced resources for industry 4.0. So, as the company updates the market on the value of the resource it should be finalising financing for the project.

What to expect from Track Record next year?

2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for the companies that have been profiled, and I’ll continue to regularly release new company profiles including another exciting SaaS company in early 2021. The aim is to produce at least 1 company profile each month and report on the success of profiled companies through Track Record’s Track Record on a quarterly basis.

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