Successful communications entrepreneur with $2bn company, invests in new pre-IPO ASX fintech company

November 15, 2020 | Finance | Public

James Spenceley is a successful telecommunications entrepreneur who has invested in a new finance venture called Beforepay, which is doing a pre-IPO before listing on the ASX.

He has successfully built a company that is valued at more than AUD2.5bn.

About Beforepay

What is the Track Record Score?

Beforepay gives you instant access to money you’ve earned at work. The app also uses the latest technology to help you be better off.

Customers can get an advance of up to $200 using the app that connects with their bank account. When their wage gets paid into their bank account the advance is automatically repaid, with an additional 5% fee.

What is James Spenceley’s Track Record of Success?

  1. James was the Founder of Vocus Communication, a telecommunications company that is listed on the ASX (ASX:VOC) and is currently valued at approximately AUD2.5bn.

What are Beforepay’s Track Record Score Metrics?

The Track Record Score provides investors with a rating of a company based on the entrepreneur’s track record of success by taking into account how the successful entrepreneur’s skills, experience and network will help increase the likelihood of this new company being successful. The higher the score, the more likely the company will be successful.

Beforepay has a Track Record Score of 2/5, which is based on the following metrics:

The successful entrepreneur’s track record of success (light blue bar) is weighted the least, their industry success (medium blue bar) is weighted moderately and the total shareholder value created (dark blue bar) is weighted most heavily. 

As a result, James’ prior successful company, 0 successes in the finance industry and AUD2.5bn total shareholder return, have been taken into account for how his industry skills, experience and network will help increase the likelihood of Beforepay being successful.

You can learn more about why the Track Record Score is a good indication of the likelihood of a company’s success here.

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