Successful biotechnology entrepreneur with a AUD60m exit, starts next biotechnology venture

May 2, 2020 | Alerts | Healthcare | Public

Image Credits: Botanix Pharmaceuticals

Matthew Callahan was the Founder and CEO of iCeutica, which was acquired by Iroko Pharmaceuticals for AUD60m in 2011.

His latest venture biotechnology is called Botanix Pharmaceuticals, where he is the Founder and CEO.

It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BOT (ASX:BOT).

What is Matthew Callahan’s track record of success?

Mr Callahan is an experienced life sciences executive based in Philadelphia.

He is the founding CEO of iCeutica Inc and Churchill Pharma Inc. and a co-inventor of some of the technologies that comprise the SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology™ drug delivery platform that iCeutica uses to develop new pharmaceuticals.

iCeutica has developed 3 products to date that have received FDA approval.

He has more than 20 years legal, IP and investment management experience and is also a director of Glycan Bioscience LLC.

For more detail, check out the Matthew Callahan case study.

What does Botanix Pharmaceuticals do?

Botanix Pharma is an Australian medical dermatology company engaged in the development of cannabinoid-based products for the treatment of a range of skin conditions and are working to get the first cannabinoid products approved by the FDA. If successful, they could dominate a multi-billion dollar dermatology market which has seen few new products approved in the last 20 years.

All products made by Botanix Pharma utilise synthetic CBD in conjunction with PermetrexTM skin delivery technology. PermetrexTM is a dermal delivery formulation technology that allows 10 to 20 times more of the active ingredient to get through the skin to better treat the disease. BOT has exclusive rights to this technology, developed by Dr Eugene Cooper, for all drugs that treat dermatological conditions.

How have investors validated Matthew Callahan’s new venture? 

Botanix closed a A$40m placement in August 2019, led by specialist US-based biotech investment funds and leading US institutional investors, to advance its cannabinoid clinical development and research portfolio.

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