Mark Creasy, successful mining entrepreneur with AUD130m exit, founds next ASX listed mining venture

Mark Creasy was the Founder of Bronzewing Gold Mine, which was bought for AUD$115m from Great Central Mines.

Tech entrepreneur with USD1bn exit, co-founds next tech venture

Rahul Jaimini was the Co-founder and CTO of Swiggy. It raised USD $1bn in 2018.

Roger Aston, Ex-CEO of billion dollar ASX listed Mayne Pharma, joins another ASX listed life science company

Dr Roger Aston was the CEO of Mayne Pharma, which at the time was valued at more than AUD1bn in 2012.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo, successful entrepreneur with USD500m exit, starts next tech venture

Sheila Lirio Marcelo was the Founder of, which was acquired for USD500m by AIC in 2020.

Successful tech entrepreneur with USD45m exit, joins new tech company as CEO

Peter Rehan was the Founder of CrowdStar, which was acquired by Glu Mobile for USD45m in 2017.

Serially successful health care entrepreneur, joins listed healthcare company

Steve Salmon was a founder of Ensure Medical and Integrated Vascular Systems, both of which were successfully exited through acquisition. He also served as the CEO of Revascular Therapuetics which was also acquired.

Vic Shao founds next energy venture after selling Green Charge to ENGIE

Vic Shao was the Founder of Green Charge Networks, which was acquired by ENGIE in May 2016.

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