Entrepreneurs who sold successful environmental consulting company for AUD15m, starts new ASX listed environment management software venture

May 6, 2020 | Public | Technology

Image Credit: Envirosuite

Robin Ormerod was the Founder of Pacific Environment Consulting, which was acquired by Environmental Resources Management for AUD15m in 2017.

His latest venture is called Envirosuite, where he is the Founder.

It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EVS (ASX:EVS).

What is Robin Ormerod’s track record of success? 

Pacific Environment Consulting is an environmental consulting and services business. It was a division of Envirosuite until it was divested (sold) so the company could become a technology-only company.

Robin has been a leading air quality and meteorological consultant in Australia for three decades until the company (Envirosuite) transformed into a technology-as-a-service provider.

What does Envirosuite do?

Envirosuite is an environmental management technology company that has developed a leading solution-as-a-service offering which translates data into action in real-time. 

It provides the most practical real-time, predictive and diagnostic environmental management software in the world.

How have investors validated Robin Ormerod’s new venture? 

In late 2019, Envirosuite announced a transformational agreement to launch Envirosute in China, which is the world’s largest market for its solutions. 

This agreement included a partnership with and investment from one of China’s most prominent leaders in the environmental protection sector. 

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