Entrepreneur with AUD373m telecommunications exit, starts next telecommunications venture

May 1, 2020 | Public | Telecommunications

Image Credit: Superloop

Bevan Slattery is the Co-founder of PIPE Networks, which was acquired by TPG for AUD373m in 2010.

He is the Chairman of his latest telecommunications venture called Superloop. 

It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SLC (ASX:SLC).

What is Bevan Slattery’s track record of success? 

Bevan comes from a background in building successful Australian IT and telecommunication companies and an earlier career in administration in local and state government.

In 2002, Bevan co-founded PIPE Networks which grew to become Australia’s largest Internet Exchange and Australia’s third largest metropolitan fibre network provider with over 1,500km of fibre in 5 cities connecting 80 data centres, 250 Telstra exchanges and over 1000 buildings. In 2008, PIPE Networks proceeded with the construction of the $200m Sydney to Guam cable (PPC-1) with the project being completed in October 2009. PIPE Networks was sold to TPG for an enterprise value of $420m in May 2010.

What does Superloop do?

Superloop provides the connection stability and network performance that can only be achieved by bringing the right industry minds together. We utilise the strongest resources to deliver unmatched connectivity solutions, bringing a business grade ethos to the residential customer.

How have investors validated Bevan Slattery’s new venture? 

In September 2019, Superloop raised another AUD90m in capital from institutional investors.

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