Billionaire tech entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery, invests AUD2.5m in ASX SaaS startup

September 22, 2020 | Public | Technology

Bevan Slattery is the Co-founder of PIPE Networks, which was acquired by TPG for AUD373m in 2010.

He is also the Founder of ASX listed Megaport (ASX:MP1), which is currently valued at approximately AUD2.5bn.

In August 2020, intelliHR (ASX:IHR) announced that it had received a AUD2.5m investment from Bevan.

intelliHR provides companies with a next-generation, cloud-based people management and data analytics platform.

As at 22 September 2020, IHR is trading at 20c with a valuation of approximately AUD60m.

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