Successful biotechnology entrepreneur with a AUD60m exit, starts next biotechnology venture

Matthew Callahan was the Founder and CEO of iCeutica, which was acquired by Iroko Pharmaceuticals for AUD60m in 2011.

Entrepreneurs who sold their successful IT business for AUD25m, start IT software venture on the ASX

Kyle Redenbach and Peter Nguyen-Brown were the Co-founders of nSynergy Group. It was acquired by Rhipe Limited (ASX:RHP) for AUD25m in 2014.

Successful entrepreneurs
Successful entrepreneurs are 48% more likely to succeed

A successful entrepreneur is 48% more likely to succeed again. This means successful entrepreneurs makes investors money, more often.

5 x successful mining entrepreneur with a CDN4.3bn exit, starts new mining venture

Robert Friedland was the Co-founder and Co-chairman of Diamond Fields Resources, which was acquired for CDN4.3bn.

Why a successful entrepreneur makes an investor more money, more often.
Why successful entrepreneurs makes investors more money, more often

On average, successful entrepreneurs are 9.70% and 8% more likely to be successful compared to first time entrepreneurs and failed entrepreneurs, respectively.

Entrepreneurs who built successful USD1bn geospatial technology company, join new geospatial software venture

In 2016, Pointerra’s founding Chairman and Non-Executive Director saw an opportunity to build another USD1bn technology company in the geospatial sector.

Successful entrepreneur
Case Study #4 – Matthew Callahan, successful serial biotechnology entrepreneur

This successful entrepreneur is responsible for 4 Food Delivery Association (FDA) product approvals in the dermatology industry.

successful serial entrepreneur
Case Study #3 – Evan Williams, serially successful internet entrepreneur

He coined the term “blogger” and successfully built 3 digital publishing (blog based) businesses.

serially successful entrepeneur
Case Study #2 – Rod Drury, successful serial software entrepreneur

Rod saw the potential of the ‘cloud computing’ before Google.

serially successful entrepreneurs
Case Study #1 – Robert Friedland, serially successful mining entrepreneur

“Promoting a stock is like making a movie,” he once said. “You’ve got to have stars, props, and a good script.”

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