By Robbie Sita

My name is Robbie Sita and I am the Founder of Track Record.

Track Record is the only place to find out when an entrepreneur with a track record of success in an industry, starts, joins or invests in a new venture in their industry.

After more than a decade investing my own money, I noticed the following trend:

The companies that consistently generated extraordinary returns in my portfolio were the companies being started, joined or invested in by an entrepreneur who had a track record of success in that industry.

However, I quickly became frustrated because there was no way to track successful industry entrepreneurs or a resource that I could go to.

So, I started Track Record because I wanted to create a go to resource for like minded people to be able to track successful industry entrepreneurs.

Join other investors, brokers and corporate advisors and stay up to date with what the best entrepreneurs are doing in their industry.


Track Record cuts through the noise and gives me the signal. Instead of having to search the entire internet, I have a central place to find out what the best entrepreneurs are doing!

Ben Stott


This is a must have resource for all investors, brokers and corporate advisors. Anyone who wants to find out what the best of the best are up to, this is the resource for you.

Alex Verha

Broker & Corporate Advisor

With Track Record I just sit back and find out when companies being built and backed by the best in the industry. Gone are the days of wasting time searching high and low.

Jon Pata


Join Track Record now to find out when successful industry entrepreneurs start, join or invest in a new venture in their industry.