Successful entrepreneurs make investors more money, more often.

Track Record is the only place to find out when successful entrepreneurs start, join or invest in a new venture.

The Track Record Platform™ uses proprietary technology to follow more than 3 million entrepreneurs from across the world.

When a successful entrepreneur becomes involved in a new venture, Track Record notifies subscribers.

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Founder’s Story

Robbie Sita is the Founder of Track Record.

Outside of Track Record, he helps B2B SaaS startups execute on their growth strategy as an operator, advisor and investor.

After almost a decade investing his own money, he noticed the following trend:

The businesses that consistently generated extraordinary returns in his portfolio were the businesses being built by an entrepreneur who had a track record of success.

What did he do after making this realisation?

He confined his investing to only businesses being built by successful entrepreneurs because he would make more money, more often by doing this.

However, he quickly became frustrated because he could not systematically find and track successful entrepreneurs to invest in their next business.

He tried Google Alerts and other free, or low cost options, with no success.

After failing to find a free or lost cost solution, he looked into more costly options such as existing data providers (e.g. Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters etc), which start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

He discovered that none of the existing data providers could provide a complete list of all the companies that an entrepreneur had been involved in because they only have a fraction of an entrepreneur’s track record and data is many years out of date.

This meant that even if he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on data and subscribed to all of the legacy data providers, he still couldn’t find and track successful entrepreneurs.

How did he overcome this problem?

He built his own proprietary software that contains a database with millions of entrepreneurs and businesses going back approximately 50 years, which is called the Track Record Platform™. 

The Track Record Platform™ finds, tracks and notifies him when a successful entrepreneur starts a new business.

Why did he start Track Record?

To help other investors who want to invest in successful entrepreneurs, but cannot find or track them.

So, when a successful entrepreneur starts, joins or invests in their next venture the Track Record Platform™ notifies subscribers.

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